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Best Action Games Free for mobiles/tablets in 2016

Are you looking for a best action game to play at your free time? Well, you are at the right place. Here we have done lots of analysis in the gaming world and finally come up with this Best Action games free list. We are not promoting any game or development center. All the ratings provided here are outcome of our research.

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BLOOD-&-GLORY-(NR)This game gives you real blood like vision. Blood and Glory is all about showing your strength, courage, and many more inherent qualities to fight in the arena to entertain crowd greedy for blood in order to fight till death. The only option to win battle is the Glory.


HD Graphics gives you real fight experience.

Highly rated best action games free category. Blood & Glory game is the best one across all the categories as well.


Downloading is an issue and not supported in most of mobile models.

2. Major Mayhem

Major-MayhemMajor Mayhem is an new recruiter in Swimming army of adults.With itchy trigger finger and some of scratchy stubble is fond of shooting people in their faces. You work hard to rescue your girlfriend kidnapped by the evil forces. Run and use your gun to make possible the impossible task.3D environment gives amazing real like graphics.


45 non-stop action levels will keep you entertained for hours.


After you update the games, your weapons, money and other rewards are deleted.



BLOOD-&-GLORYThis game can be easily downloaded from Google play store under the name “BLOOD & GLORY (NR)” .So, download it and join today to start the real-like battle in area full of blood thirty crowds. Use your immense powers, strength and courage to win this battle involving animated blood with real effects.


HD Visuals are amazing and will give real-fight blooded throughout experience.


Game crashing problem observed frequently by most of the players.


BLOOD-&-GLORY-LEGENDThis Game is one of the most populous Action games downloaded from Google play store. Blood and Glory: Legend is the sequel of Blood & Glory game which entertained its players beyond your imaginations. Fight in the battle of arena across blood thirsty crowds to become the LEGEND of the Game. This is one of the Action fighting games that supports smartphones and tablets running on Android Operating systems.


Awesome game to test your skills and courage to fight in battle full of blood.


Technical error in the game, description not highlighted properly.

5. Toughest Game Ever 2

Toughest-Game-Ever-2This game has received reward for being the best of2013 games. Toughest Game Ever 2 is the sequel created by seeing the huge response from its predecessor game. This game developed by successful creators of Best-Selling Games “Hardest Game Ever 2” and “What’s My IQ?” is gaining popularity day by day.


Awesome game, perfect for people who love accepting challenges.

Difficulty level of this game is high, so this fun and exciting game will drive you crazy once you start playing it.


You need to get keys to unlock the levels.

6. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow-Fight-2Shadow fight 2 is the sequel of most popular game running on Facebook with almost 40million users. Amazing amalgamation of RPG and Fight gives this game a chance to lead the other Action Games. You can fulfill of dream of fighting as a soldier by equipping yourself with animated weapons, armor sets, and dozens of animated Martial Arts tricks. Beat your opponent and try to reach as closer to the game of shadow as possible.


Option to customize your weapons and accessories give you real-like feeling of fight.

Shadow fight is the most downloaded game in the best action games free category.


Crashing is the main problem faced by customers while downloading the game.

7. Sniper Shooter Free – Fun Game

Sniper-Shooter-Free---Fun-GThis game lets you play as a Hitman by aiming and shooting bad guys. Simple to learn game can be learnt in seconds and will give you entertainment for hours. 3D graphics are amazing and gives you real-time effects. Multiple hitting options with multiple targets displaying different scenarios in this Mini Sniper game will entertain you for long time.


Compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets

This games stands amongst one of the best shooting games in Google paly store.


Every time you start playing the game, ads pop up to disturb you while you are entertaining yourself with the game.


CONTRACT-KILLERYou play as a contract killer and visit new weird locations and targets to win the game. Complete high –profile targets and prove your skills and gaming strategy. You main rule that should be followed while you are playing the game is Honor The Contract. Option to choose contracts allows you to eliminate your enemies without any hassle.


This game is loving, where player need to level up higher and higher to protect yourself from dying.

One of the most populous games, amazing graphics will make your day.


Customer service of the game is not satisfactory.


FRONTLINE-COMMANDOYou download this game and become a Frontline Commando to win the bar single handedly. You need to attach dictators, while you are posted on the frontline and struggle hard to achieve success. You can use your specialized skills to protect yourself from strong and powerful forces of enemies and take revenge of your previously fallen soldiers.


This game is free to play.


Although game is free to play, but you need to spend your real money to buy additional accessories like weapons etc to improvise your work force against enemies.


DEAD-TRIGGER-2This is one of the best Zombie shooter games ever played from Google play store of Android Mobiles and Tablets. You can win rewards in special tournaments by saving your world .Oil fields lets you earn money on daily basis. This Global warfare consists of more than 50million survivors. So, join this game today and begin your mega fight.


Simple game will definitely make you addictive.

3D Graphics gives you real-like gaming experience.

Excellent time killing game will give you long hour’s entertainment.


To get more weapons, you need to give blueprints which are otherwise difficult to take.

Authentication error observed while logging in the game.

11. Crossy Road

Crossy-RoadEnjoy your holiday’s season by getting Festive Chicken as Free. This offer is for a limited time. This game stands number 1 across Hipster Whales’s Massive Viral and has been liked by more than 100 million players who are playing it happily without any flaws. You need to purchase this game once and after that it will be free for lifetime. You can enjoy playing this game on big screen of Android based TV.


Super cool game will remind you of your school days.


This game is developed by money hungry peoples and they try to fetch real money by any means.

12. Sniper 3D Assassin: Free Games

Sniper-3D-Assassin-Free-GameYou become a shooter of ultimate cadre by fighting in Global war against crime. Get a gun and kill enemies by aiming and shooting them in the battle to protect the innocents. This game is a great game to play and pass time when you are sitting alone or stressful from everyday work pressures.


Liked by more than 60 million users who are playing this game worldwide.

You can play it for free on Tablets or mobile.

Offline line gives you access to play anywhere.


In-app purchases ask you to spend real money to upgrade the game.

13. Fatal Fight – Fighting Game

Fatal-FightingThis game is most popular action games free category and the reason is because it is very simple and addictive to play. You cannot stop yourself from playing once you start playing it. 1:1 response time gives feedback immediately of every tap taken in the game. Different martial arts tricks used in the game include kung fu, boxing, karate and etc. This game can be downloaded and played for free.


This game has been rewarded as the coolest action game for the year 2015.


While you are playing the game, you will find that your phone heats up quickly and battery is consumed at a faster rate.

14. N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

N.O.V.A.-3-Freedom-EditionThis is one of the most immersive games downloaded for free from Google play store.You need to fight to protect humankind from the world. Sincethen,Kal was low since colonies were surrendered to Voliterite Protectorate. Despite this, Yelena calls him again to protect Earth and save its humankind.


Multiple aliens jumping the battle making it more adventurous and fun to play.


Level 3 is very tough and difficulty level increases as you go higher in the game.

Automatic shutdown of the game is another issue faced by the players.

15. Fruit Slice

Fruit-SliceThis is one of the best juicy games extracted from fruits and is available on your Android Tablet or Mobile for free after downloading from Google Play store. Enjoy drinking freshly prepared juice by slicing fruits. Do you want to become masters of fruit juices? Then this game is a perfect place for play. Low processor rated Phones can also download this game without any issues.


This app does not consume much space and hence processing speed is not affected.


When player slice any fruit, whole screen freezes in the middle and hence blocks his or her way to prepare a tasty juice.


CONTRACT-KILLER-ZOMBIESYou might have played zombies game killing more than few countable criminals, but now its time to expand the horizon and kill thousands of zombies in one goes. This game has been created by the same team of developers of Contract Killer.


Great game ,really fun to play and entertain when you are completely free and have no other work to do.


This game is free to play but contains certain apps which need to invest real money to upgrade the game.


FRONTLINE-COMMANDO-D-DAYThis Game can be played on Android tablets and is an ultimate time pass .Join this game and take charge on D-Day .Play as a winner and beat forces of occupation in order to take back France and storm  beaches. Likewise, clear the trenches and struggle to liberate towns while battling through the Normandy countryside.


You can also invite your friend to play by going through the contracts terms.

Awesome and wonderful game ever developed in the History of Google play store.

Good game with amazing graphics drive you crazy.


After paying too much money, sometimes you will find that the app is not loading properly.

18. Fast & Furious: Legacy

Fast-&-Furious-LegacyJoin this game today and create your Fast & Furious: Legacy. Tej, Roman, Letty and many other need your help to tear up Streets in fast paced story missions of 7 Fast & Furious movies. You are required to  Lead your team and beat rivals in a race at classy movie locations across the world ranging from Rio to Tokyo and then back to LA.


Experience around 50 new cars including best cars from movie franchise.

HD graphics at amazing resolution of 1080p will take your gaming experience to a complete new level.


Game crashes while you are busy playing the game.

19. Royal Revolt 2

Royal-Revolt-2This game is very known amongst action game and has even been listed under the award winning category. Royal Revolt 2 allows you to make your kingdom, trained your defenses system by forging alliances and conquering real players playing around the world. This game has been rewarded with the best games in year 2014.


3G Graphics are stunning and makes this game an ultimate time-killing game.


Many bugs blocks passage of players from playing the game. Developers should fix them as soon as possible to get more satisfied users.

20. Knights & Dragons – Action RPG

Knights-&-Dragons-Action-This is a non-stop game in action games category found in Google play store of Android Mobiles and Tablets. This massive action-packed game with mysteries creatures is really an adventure to play with. You need to fight the Dark Prince along with his monsters and win the battle playing an epic role in the History. You play as a Knight Commander; collecting all-powerful heroes, make stylish armors containing rarely found elements.


Love this game, complete fun and entertainment package.

This game will make you addictive.


Real money needs to be investing while playing the game. In case any glitch occurs, then your money goes in vain.


We hope that our list helps you to enjoy your free time with the best free action games. Please feel free to post your comments and feed backs below.

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