Best 2 player card games free

Best 2 player card games free

Best 2 Player Card Games Free Download

There are lots of popular card games available in Apple or Windows or Android stores. With the help of ratings and reviews we have analyzed this card games free category and finally come up with this Best 2 player card games free download list. Hope you enjoy these popular card games in your mobile or tablet!

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1. Fairway Solitaire Blastbest card games free

This is one of the Top rated games amongst card games free category. Enjoy playing challenging twists and turns of this Solitaire Blast Game. You can get prizes, power ups and many more rewards encouraging you to play more. This easy game has simple rules of picking cards and playing at proper position.


This Game will make you addictive towards itself.

This game is simple to learn, hardly takes few minutes but give you entertainment for long hours.

This game is best rated in fun card games category with high player satisfaction ratio.


Cards freezes sometimes and it becomes difficult to pick them up.

2. Deck HeroesDeck-Heroes

This game lets you build a deck with the help of horde of heroes and creatures in order to protect the Kingdom. You will find every deck as unique containing 100’s of cards to play. Thrilling battle and magical creatures will drive you crazy. You need to make you own team of powerful heroes and lead them till the victory.


HD Graphics will freeze your eyes and make you even more addictive.

You need to spend any real money in the game and this is one of the best parts of playing it.


Developers are not so good and their feedback has reportedly been worst.

3. Live Hold’em Pro – PokerLive-Hold'em-Pro-Poker-Game

Live Hold’em Pro game gives life to Texas Hold’ém card games .This is one of the most animated way to start learn playing any Poker games with friends. In case you are looking to sharpen your skill sin this game, then here you will find the perfect platform to become masters. This Game from Google play store will teach you to play with players


You connect yourself with the socially bounded friends and relatives by inviting them to play with you.

Live Hold’em Pro – Poker is a most popular card game with high number of downloads in this card games free category.


This game is played online so, can be played only at places where Internet facility exists.

4. World Poker Club™Poker-Game-World-Poker-Club

This Game from Google play store can be played by multi-million players. This game will take you through bets, stakes and winnings by hug. You enjoy playing your favorite poker games. You need to compete with the bankroll of tournaments held weekly basis. Interfacing options are stylish and creates friendly atmosphere for playing mobile gaming


You get free chips and bonus while playing this game, encouraging you to play more.


When you go for taking updates, game crashes in between.

5. Texas Holdem Poker ProTexas-Holdem-Poker-Pro

This game is perfect for Poker lovers. In case you look to play with people in real-life then, come and join this game to entertain yourself in free time. This game is played online so, you simply need a mobile and an internet connection to have full time entertainment.


Customize your game and create your avatar to enjoy in the way you want.

Live chat option allows you to connect socially with your friends.


You really need to spend real money in order to create more adventure on the game.

Online game cannot be played without Internet.

6. Dragonplay Poker Texas Hold’emDragonplay-Poker-Texas-Hold

This game on Android Device is a free Poker game taking your experience of playing any other poker game to a complete new level. You can even cash your winning by buying tables and do competition with elite poker players to prove your skills and gaming strategy.


You can even play this game without registration.

Connect with your social life and invite your friends and buddies on this amazing game.


You need to pay real money in order to get real entertainment.

7. Spades FreeSpades-Free

This game involves 4-players to play and have full-time and fun and excitement. This game has been created by the developers with the same enthusiasm put in other poker games of Android Devices. You can play this game on Tablets or on Phone running on Android OS.


Cool Graphics, high scalability will drive your experience of playing poker games.

This can be players individually so you need for look for friends to play all the time.


Real money needs to spend while playing the game; This makes you think that the game is freaky.

8. PokerStars Poker: Texas HoldemPokerStars-Poker-Texas-Hold

You might have heard about the Pokerstars, this is one of the largest Poker sites. You simply need to join the game and play for free using Ply Money app. You can download this game online and play the largest poker game with considerable player base running games and tournaments. Many other features of the game would not be available in any other poker games.


This is the only game which is free and you many navigate through Holdem and Omaha, but never get this unique gaming pattern.


Real money purchases involved in game give it a setback. 

9. FreeCell SolitaireFreeCell-Solitaire

This is one of the oldest and long lasting card games free which were earlier available on iPhone but now Android phones also has it. This game requires your skill and proper gaming strategy to master the game.New features added to the phone includes control schemes which are unique, random FreeCell card decks, stat tracking, and sharing through social sites increases more fun and excitement.


Movable cards allow you to move them smoothly and place at their proper positions to win the game.


Advertisements are giving a big loss to the game by constantly popping up and irritating the player.

Cards movement sometimes creates a problem of sliding or proper selection etc.

10. Eredan Arena – PVP battlesEredan-Arena-PVP-battles

Do you want to become master of arena? They make your own team of 5 heroes by selecting the best from more than 120 different heroes. Use your battle dice and throw at opponents to win the game.
You can get new heroes and evolve them to create a strong team.


New heroes are added on weekly basis so you can upgrade your team according to your requirement.


Developers should provide a free tutorial to play this game.

11. Spider SolitaireSpider-Solitaire

Are you really looking for a new card game? Then go for Spider Solitaire, one of the most popular card games. This game needs your patience and skills. This Game instructs player to remove all cards from the card and arranges 4 blocks starting from king to ace. Take care to remove card of same suits.


You can customize cards and background according to your choice and play the way you want to play in.

Really one of the best free card games without intervention of any unnecessary ads.


This game consumes lots of battery and you end up charging your phone again and again.

12. Solitaire ArenaSolitaire-Arena

This is not just a game but your all-time companion for free-time pass. You can enjoy playing it either on social networking site like Facebook or play on your Android mobile phone. These 2 player card games are really fun to play. This fun card game tests your kills and gaming strategy while playing against your opponents.


You can secretly see the avatar of your opponent on Facebook without letting him know that you have seen it.

Solitaire Arena is a very interactive game that can be played with multiple players at the same time.


You have no choice of selecting your opponent and it is chosen randomly without asking your views.

13. Pyramid Solitaire SagaPyramid-Solitaire-Saga

This game is brilliantly designed by the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga games. This Solitaire game is full of magical challenges. Helena is on her way with her friend called Kingsley to reveal the wonders of the Ancient World.


Varieties of level bringing diversity to add more interest in the game.

Can be downloaded in Android Phones and Tablets.

Amazing execution of the game well-crafted with high-grade gaming strategy.


Unlocking things is a time waster and keep you awaited for 2-4 days.

You need to purchase power-ups or certain items by spending your real money.

14. Order & Chaos DuelsOrder-&-Chaos-Duels

This Game lets you rediscover the magic of playing Order & Chaos Duel game collecting FREE TCG or Trading card game .This game allows you to fight against evil forces, experience many adventures  while fighting real players in order to win or master leaderboard.


Amazing animations and graphics quality allows you to play this smoothly without facing any bugs in between.

This game is Awesome and will remove your boredom to an optimum level.


Need Internet connection for playing this Game so, limits you to play this game at Internet areas only.

15. Solitaire TriPeaks2 player card games

This game stands at number 15 positions amongst other best card games freely downloaded these days. 600 new levels and new islands will take your breath away. You can update game by triggering boosters.


Great time-passes and a true companion to remove stress and pain caused due to everyday hectic work schedules.

This Game is fun to play with and makes player addictive.


Response time of the game is very high and sometimes player have to wait for hours to get new cards to continue the game.

Sometimes, when you are playing, you can find that the games freezes in-between and thus irritates player.


We hope you enjoy these best card games free category games. Our rankings are true to our heart. We are not promoting any games here. If you have anything in your mind, please do comment here.

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